Special Orders! 



Does your dog have food allergies or cannot tolerate certain foods? Do you have a difficult time finding goodies to treat your pooch because of his special dietary needs?   Worry no more! At Braxton & Chipper’s, we will work with you to make treats that your doggie can eat and will love! 

All of our products can be made wheat free, dairy free, as well as soy free!  If there is a treat that we sell that you know your dog would love, but cannot have an ingredient that it contains, just email us, and we will alter the recipe to leave out that ingredient.  We also offer grain free and diabetic treats!

Our very own Chef Mario has kidney disease and all his goodies are tailored to suit his special needs!  I tried generic, probably bland and tasteless special kidney snacks from the Veterinarian, but, not only were they full of fillers and preservatives and other things I couldn't pronounce, it just also seemed so unfair that he had to eat those while Braxton munched on homemade, yummy treats!  So, I researched what was good for Mario to have and what was not, and then started baking him his very own special cookies!

Now, you too can treat your pup to tasty, yet good for him cookies! Please email or call us today to discuss your dog’s special needs!  We look forward to hearing from you!



Chef Mario & his "special order" Fresh Cranberry Teddy Bear Cake!







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